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Guided Hands Reiki offers holistic medicine in Barrie, Ontario

Guided Hands Reiki and holistic medicine covering Barrie, ON and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Guided Hands Reiki, a local business specializing in holistic medicine and services in Barrie, Ontario and local surrounding areas.
Michelle Canney is a fully insured Reiki professional as well as a Certified Reiki Teacher/Practitioner with the International Association for Reiki Professionals. (IARP)
She is an Intuitive who incorporates her gift with Reiki Energy Healing.
Treatments include Reiki, Chakra balancing Aura clearing, Crystal healing, energy/parasitic attachment removal, past life regression as well as Mediumship readings and house clearings.

Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is Japanese Kanji that means Universally guided life force Energy. It is the power of this energy that flows through all living things.
Reiki is a natural, non invasive way of healing. It supports healing on many levels.
How Reiki Heals?
Reiki Energy heals by flowing from the practitioners hands and through the affected parts of the clients energy field and charging it with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and dissipate. In so doing, Reiki energy clears, strengthens and heals the energy pathways and chakras thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Guided Hands Reiki is located in Barrie, ON at 59 Finlay Road, L4N 7T7. Contact Michelle Canney today at (705) 719-6324 to experience a Reiki treatment.

Guided Hands Reiki offers reiki and holistic medicine in Barrie, Ontario

Guided Hands Reiki: reiki treatments and holistic medicine in Barrie, ON.

Michelle Canney from Guided Hands Reiki offers Reiki therapy and holistic medicine in Barrie, ON and surrounding communities. Reiki is Universal Life energy. It is a technique involving laying of the hands lightly on the body or slightly above in the Aura. Reiki energy works very deeply to bypasses the symptom( pain, anxiety and addiction type behaviours) and directly flows to the root cause of the issue. Many physical symptoms that manifest as chronic or acute conditions often stem from emotional stress(memory's or traumatic events) which have never been processed or healed. Reiki can be very relaxing and may create a deep calm within oneself. Being in this state of relaxation may allow these blockages to dissipate and give relief to the symptoms associated with them. It is the client that accesses the Reiki from the Practitioner. Whether the client is aware of the root cause or not the Reiki will direct itself to where it needs to go.
Reiki works by a practitioner channelling this gentle energy . Some practitioners use specific hand positions and some like Michelle choose to be guided to where her hands feel there is need. The hand positions cover our 7 main chakras, which include our vital organs and glands associated with our endocrine system. When our Chakras are circulating freely (not over- active or under-active) it will allow blocked energy to dissipate, ultimately encouraging the natural flow of life force. Chakra balancing often occurs during a Reiki or Biofield energy session.
Being free of blocked energy now allows the recipient the ability to relax mind and body thus benefiting their physical and emotional state.
Michelle Canney is a fully insured and certified Reiki Teacher/Practitioner
Discover Reiki and other holistic medicine therapies available at Guided Hands Reiki in Barrie, ON.

Stress relief, depression relief and children's anxiety at Guided Hands Reiki in Barrie, ON.

Reiki can help aid a client cope with Grief, Depression, Chronic pain and Stress. Children may suffer from emotional traumas and stresses that may cause symptoms such as night terrors and aggression.
Reiki can also help both children and parents cope with symptoms attributed with clinical emotional disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Reiki is performed as a complimentary therapy. Michelle Canney from Guided Hands Reiki works to provide harmony with her clients who are receiving medical treatment from a Physician or Therapist as well as all other forms of holistic medicine. For more information about Guided Hands Reiki's emotional cleansing and reiki treatments in Barrie, ON, contact Michelle Canney at (705) 719-6324.

Guided Hands Reiki offers spa parties in Barrie, Ontario

Spa parties available at Guided Hands Reiki in Barrie, ON. Book today!

Guided Hands Reiki offers spa parties in Barrie, ON and local surrounding areas. Guided Hands Reiki provides spa parties for anyone in need of a relaxing time. You can sit back and enjoy a Reiki or reflexology session or take a group workshop to learn more about Reiki and energy healing. Contact Michelle Canney at (705) 719-6324.
Michelle is also available for fundraising events.
Currently she has serviced such organizations such as Hospice Simcoe, JDRF,Cancer Walk for the Cure, Woman's Shelter of Barrie, Ride for Cancer and Alzheimer's Canada. If you are looking for gift certificates for silent auctions please contact Michelle (705) 719-6324

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