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Reiki for Migraines

Reiki for Migraines

Reiki may help reduce the symptoms associated with migraines by allowing the body to relax and reduce tension

Guided Hands Reiki in Barrie, Ontario offers Reiki for migraines

The root cause for migraines and headaches are things such as anxiety, change in sleeping patterns, certain foods, stress, environmental changes (changes in the weather for instance), or hormonal changes. When a person suffers from a chronic or acute symptoms we look to re-establish balance to the root cause. Has anything changed in your life that could have brought on the headache/migraine? Taking a look at all the things in your life that may be causing the symptom can help us determine what may be attributing to the "Why" this is happening.

Your job, diet, sleep pattern could be related or things like are you happy, nervous or perhaps a worried about things? Some natural supplements and prescription medicines can cause headaches as well. It is always in your best interest to seek out medical treatment from your medical doctor or naturopathic doctor.

Michelle at Guided Hands Reiki offers Reiki for migraines that can help relax the body, ease tension and calm the nervous system. Scientifically unproven at this moment in time, we rely on case studies and client feedback. The beautiful thing about this type of work is that it isn't necessary for us to know what the root cause is. Reiki restores balance to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body without needing to work on any specific area.

For more information on Reiki for migraines, please contact Michelle at Guided Hands Reiki in Barrie, Ontario.

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