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Testimonials for Guided Hands Reiki of Barrie, Ontario

Sabrina D.

Michelle helped me start a very important life journey that now years later is still unfolding and making so much sense I am forever grateful for her. Her expert organized way of healing is up there in my books of healers. Thank you Michelle.

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Patty Matheson

Registered Massage Therapist

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I was always a bit skeptical on the views of energy an reiki work. Well as I have taken my Reiki Level 1. I was awed by my own personal transformation in myself an my practise. It has given me more patience an inner strength. I am eternally grateful. When I took my level 2, an now use my reiki regularly in combination w other techniques in my practise. My clients are amazed an also grateful. Michelle is a beautiful teacher guide an educator to many ideas. I encourage all to try Reiki or be taught by this angelic woman Michelle Canney. She will open many doors in your life you knew not existed. I am looking forward to the much more learning from Michelle. I cannot say thank you enough.


I first starting to go to Michelle after my sister has been going to her for years, and only could say wonderful things about reiki and Michelle. I went to see Michelle and she really changed my life around. She helped with my fibromyalgia and top it off she is a remarkable teacher who taught me my reiki level one and very thankful to have learned from such a great master. I can feel the difference when I don't do reiki to when I do. It has that much of a impact on my life and my family as my grandmother is going for heart surgery and turning 75 she was very open to allowing reiki to help her in a way that no medicine can. My children love it and so do my animals. I recommend Michelle with her amazing ability to help others and reiki to help the natural healing we all need. Michelle is my mentor and looking forward to her teaching me my reiki level 2. I'm loving life again because of Michelle and the wonders of reiki. A energy everyone should feel.


I host an annual spa day at our cottage, which Michelle has been attending for about 6 years. We all enjoy her reflexology very much, but this past year Michelle offered Reiki with mediumship as well.
This was so special. Michelle's reiki is so relaxing, but the mediumship experience was just amazing. To have my beloved grandparents connect ( as well as others ) was such a gift.


I brought my son to see Michelle because of sleep issues and concerns at school, he wasn't the happy boy he always had been...
When I first contacted Michelle I knew very little about Reiki and had no expectations for my sons first Reiki session. I was amazed at how quickly she understood my son and the issues he was going though, Michelle was able to help me understand my son better. Following the session we noticed great changes in our son and continue to see Michelle, not only our son but our whole family.
Michelle is truly a genuine, sincere, caring person with the best of intentions.

Antoinette Erodotou

Ceo/President Certified Reflexology Practitioner Licensed Weight Loss and Nutrition Coach

Michelle is one of THE most talented and spiritual Masters and Teachers I know! I have never felt Reiki like this before! it has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life! Michelle and Reiki have changed my life in so many ways and so many things make sense now!
thank you so much Michelle!!

Charlene D

I took my Reiki level 1 with Michelle and loved it. It was beneficial with helping me to relax especially before bed. I also saw Michelle throughout my third pregnancy which helped soothe the back pain I was experiencing. Michelle was also with me during my labour and delivery. I experienced extreme back labour which she was able to help relieve. I would recommend Reiki to anyone that is pregnant as it is vey soothing and helped me to stay focussed on my breathing.

Susanne Shirriff

Guided Hands Reiki offers a very professional teaching atmosphere in a home environment. I was totally impressed by the way Michelle made me feel so relaxed and comfortable with the total experience, not to mention the great lunch she offers with her class.
The classes are very small allowing you get your hands on practice in and making sure all of your questions are answered. If after class you still need help, she is always available to help you out either by phone, email or in person. She truly goes out of her way to make sure you are completely comfortable with your Reiki ability.
Michelle also offers support after classes by offering Reiki shares in her home at no extra charge. This helps one to get in the much needed practice in a very informal and comfortable way.
Michelle has an overabundance of knowledge and I am so glad to have met her. What an amazing experience


Thank you sooooo much Michelle Meadows-canney for your emergency help at my home!!! Anyone who needs house clearing, a fantastic medium (seriously out Theresa Caputo) or a reiki session, she's my girl (and because she taught me my mad reiki skills, my master!) you rock

Jeri Russchen

I first met Michelle on a business trip to Barrie.
I had been experiencing a total loss of energy to the point I just did not want to get out of bed and was showing up for work late. I had been to a doctor and nothing was showing up in the workup.
A friend suggested I find a Reiki Master and see if he/she could help. I had never even heard of Reiki.
I searched the internet and Michelle’s site seemed to jump out at me. A phone call and I had an appointment the next day.
I did not know it at the time but Michelle also does energy work which is a separate thing from Reiki.
Michelle explained things in simple terms before my treatment and during the treatment found an energy parasite that was feeding off of my energy. She explained things in a calming voice as she went along and because of her energy work she was able to remove the parasite. This along with the Reiki treatment left me feeling so much better and in no time I was feeling like myself again.
This was such a positive experience for me that on my next trip to Barrie I scheduled another Reiki session with Michelle. A couple more sessions and I was asking for training.
I have since been attuned to Reiki level 1 and 2 by Michelle and am enjoying providing the benefits of Reiki to others in need of its calming and healing properties.
I strongly advise anyone having issues that they can’t quite sort out to give Michelle a call and spend an hour with her. She is honest, if she can’t help she will say so.
Anyone looking for a Reiki Master to guide them along the path of Reiki , I feel Michelle is an excellent teacher. She continues to be my cornerstone on this amazing journey.
If you or one of your loved ones is in distress in a hospital I would not hesitate to give Michelle a call. I was present at one Reiki session she did in a hospital room and the calming affect on the family was amazing to see. The information she was able to give them from her ability was invaluable to the family.I would be happy to speak with anyone before they see Michelle. She can give you my number as a reference for her.


It is my Reiki Hands On sessions,delivered by Michelle Canney a very skilled professional that brings me rejuvenation & a relaxing inner calm, but who also inspired me to sign up for the Reiki Level #1 class. These sessions bring both attunement & healing into my daily routines.They also bring energy into the active lifestyle of one of her older clients (1930)--energy for body, mind, & soul.
All of the above are wrapped in a warm feeling of professional caring. She truly is both a "Master Teacher" & a "Master Professional" who has brought a whole new dimension into my life!
If only Michelle could wrap her hands around our world, it would be the end of war & hatred & we all would live with inner peace and positive energy for Sharing & Caring.



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